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Nil Discharge Cow Shed Wash Down

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Advantages of the CLEAN COW system:

  1. Reduce water consumption by 75%
  2. Recycle coolant and plant washdown water
  3. Separates the solid material to product worm castings - a valuable by-product
  4. Filtered decanted water is clean enough to use in yard tipper drums
  5. Tunnel houses product crops hydroponically
  6. Filtered water is a valuable fertiliser which can be stored for later use

How the CLEAN COW system came about:

The Idea for Clean Cow was born out of repeated requests from farmers at Mystery Creek over a number of years while displaying my onsite waste water business Simple Waste Water Solutions Ltd:

Can your system be adapted to treat farm effluent?

The prime customer base being dairy farmers but other related businesses also have problems with farm effluent. To ensure that there was genuine interest in a feasible method of dealing with the problem, last year my company Ideasun Ltd attended the field days in the Grass Roots Innovation Hall to display a simple mock-up of the proposed system to gage reaction and a need for such an idea.

There was a certain amount of scepticism from the farmers, as was to be expected. But there was no denying the need for such technology and support from regional councils and associated groups has convinced me that the time is right to be able to have a nil-discharge system for farm effluent.

Based on this research a plan was drawn up and submitted to Callaghan Investments and a government grant was approved for trials to begin on a 200 cow dairy farm in the Whangaripo. The trials ran for six months and data was gathered concerning water usage and the finished product.

From this research the Clean Cow Company now has the confidence to put on the market a system that can reduce water usage in the cow shed by 75% but also produce a valuable by product for the home based gardener.

The solutions is based around four main principles:

The whole system is based around a simple rotational plastic mould that makes a quarter tank. This simplifies production and allows, decanting tanks, solid waste digesters and tunnel houses to be fabricated on site for ease of installation and eliminates the need for factory premises.

Clean Cow is a stand alone business owned by myself with support from supply companies such as Mico, Rotational Plastics and Hansens who will become the major suppliers.

All research and development is done by my company Ideasun Limited a registered company that specialises in taking an idea and making a viable business. As we are breaking new ground in dairy shed management the only businesses we have as competitors are existing providers using old technology. The field is wide open.